Be the smartest one at the office today with these fun facts

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Here’s some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.

– The first school to use a letter grade system like we have today was Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts in 1887.

–  The Beatles were once in talks to star in a “Lord of the Rings” movie . . . with Paul as Frodo, Ringo as Sam, George as Gandalf, and John as Gollum.  They even approached Stanley Kubrick to direct . . . but J.R.R. Tolkien nixed the project.

–  John Hughes came up with the idea for “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on February 25th, 1985 . . . pitched and sold it on the 26th . . . and finished the screenplay on March 3rd.

–  Perfumes were originally put near the door at department stores to cover the smell of horse manure and car exhaust from the streets.

–  Slovenia and Slovakia have such similar names that representatives from both countries meet once a month to exchange all the mail that was mistakenly sent to the wrong place.

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Strange and trending news:

– 79% of people who drive to work say they think of it as “me-time” when they can get away from it all.  40% even say they LOVE being in their car.  But 38% also admit they’re likely to SWEAR when they have road rage.  (Full Story)

–  Is Mother’s Day a Hallmark Holiday?  According to a new survey, 53% of people say yes . . . we make such a big deal out of it because it’s been so commercialized.  (Full Story)

–  Today is National “Have a Coke” Day apparently.  And according to a new survey, the most popular way to drink Coke is out of a glass bottle . . . and the most popular food to drink it with is a burger.  (Full Story)

–  Introverts and extroverts both skip parties but they skip different TYPES of parties, according to a new survey.  Introverts are most likely to skip things like pool parties and birthdays . . . and extroverts are most likely to skip baby and bridal showers.  (Full Story)

–  Scientists in London just developed a groundbreaking hormone injection that helped people lose weight . . . up to 14 pounds in four weeks.  Obviously, there will be a LOT of testing before any of us could start getting these injections.  (Full Story)

–  According to a new study, there are a LOT of safety issues with Airbnb properties.  The researchers found 58% didn’t have a fire extinguisher . . . and 20% didn’t even have SMOKE DETECTORS.  (Full Story)

–  A guy in Indiana was caught drunkenly MOWING a stranger’s lawn on Saturday.  He tried to ride off on his mower before the cops got there, but they caught him and arrested him for operating while intoxicated.  (Full Story)

–  A 59-year-old guy who looks like Santa is facing up to 40 years in prison for repeatedly breaking into his neighbor’s home and leaving her sexy underwear.  (Full Story)

–  Some inmates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo just got caught running an illegal DIAMOND MINE under the prison.  There were even some guys who’d finished up their sentences but chose to stay in the prison.  (Full Story)

–  Some special needs kids in Boynton Beach, Florida didn’t have dates to their prom this weekend.  So, a bunch of COPS stepped in and went with them.  (Full Story)